How do I reserve a puppy?

Please use the contact form to reserve a puppy, or call us on our phone number +4793025802

How do I pay?

We accept PayPal as deposit only. Full payment is done by banking wire after receiving an invoice from us.

Do you offer a health guarantee?

Yes! Please read here!

Are the puppies registered?

All of our breeding dogs are NKK (FCI) or EKC registered. All of our puppies will receive a pedigree. NKK registration is given when the puppy is delivered. Export Pedigree will arrive in 90 days by mail to the provided address.

At what age can I receive my puppy?

Most of the puppies are ready to travel by the age of 12 weeks due to different country regulations. To Sweden and Norway they have to be at least 8 weeks of age before they can move into their new home.

Are the puppies vaccinated?

All of our puppies receive their first vaccine at the age of 7 weeks, and the second vaccine at the age of 10-11 weeks. The puppy will get the rabies vaccine before traveling abroad. All puppies are vaccinated up to date for their age, and it’s the new owners responsibility to keep the puppies vaccine on going.

How do I get my puppy delivered?

We offer a travel nanny that travels together with the puppy to your location for delivery. They can also be picked up by the buyer here at our kennel. If none of the suggestions above suits the buyer, we can together find a solution.